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Chiara Patarino

Aurora Marsotto



Desideria Guicciardini

Tino the chocolate

I libri di Tino sono pubblicati in Italia da Edizioni Piemme S.p.A. nella collana Il Battello a Vapore

Chocolate flavoured reading so yummy you cant stop reading!

Casella di testo: Chiara Patarino  -  Aurora Marsotto
The	Chocolate
Imagine a kitchen with a little bit of magic thats  full  of  delicious  smells  this  is Tinos  house,  a  little chocolate  that loves to dance  the samba  and  ride his scooter! With  him  is  his  great  love,  Nugabella, the  sweet  with a  heart  of hazelnut  and many  friends  like Aunty Marianna  and her  nephews,   Piera  the  coffeepot  and cousin Cricri, a coated chocolate that lives in a  bakery.  But theres also  the terrible Mini-Grater  that wants to grate  and  turn him into cocoa  powder.  Gaston  Bonbon and  the  captivating  Praline  Cherie  meet Tino and  Nugabella in Paris where  they find  the  little ghost,  Poldin  Creampuff, the old baker  of the king who specialises in profiteroles  and  lives in a  castle  with towers in the shape  of chocolate coloured doughnuts! Then they go to Africa to help their friend Sweetbread  and the kind Pandora    Sponge-Cake   in  their  search for the  famous  Golden  Chocolate  Bean. Finally they  end  up  in  Black Forest  in search of cherries running away from cakes will they be able to find them?

l     Style is simple for first-step readers but very rich in narrative inventions
l   Chiara Patarino is involved  in projects that aim to gather attention on nutrition issues
  Aurora Marsotto is involved in projects dealing with ballet issues  
l   This series sold more than 80.000 copies
l   Rights sold to Russia and Brazil





Edizioni Piemme

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1. Tino the Chocolate

2. Tino the Chocolate goes to Paris

3. Tino the Chocolate and the Golden Bean

4. Tino the Chocolate in the Black Forest




One more title in 2013

Format: cm 12 x19 - Paperback Full colour illustrations:

Desideria Guicciardini

Pages: 64

Age: 5+